Our advanced custom manufacturing capabilities can create components for any application.

Click on the images below to see some of our capabilities.

We often manufacture to the specific requirements set out on drawings, or as well, can work with you to design a product that meets your overall criteria. We have unique equipment that gives us the flexibility to produce parts both on a small or large scale. Components that True Blue manufactures ranges from mobile carts for material handling all the way to hooks and wire forms for the automotive industry. If you have a specific requirement or need assistance with the design and prototyping of your product, you can count on the staff at True Blue to put their experience to work for you.

wire basket

We can bend wires, panels, and many other types of metal to create the products you need.

wire design

Whether it is a CAD drawing, blueprint, or a picture drawn on a sticky note, we can turn what you want into a reality.

wire threading

We can cut and roll thread to meet your exact needs.

wire rings

Our technology enables us to easily create rings of all sizes and to weld the ends together quickly and effeciently.

sheet metal punching

We can produce custom sheet metal products of all shapes and sizes and can punch out shapes to your exact specifications.

wire hoops

Wire up to 5/8" in diameter can be used to create your product.

mesh wire

We can create wire mesh forms in virtually all shapes and sizes.

wire widget

From simple rings, to complex, multi-component products, we can make them all.