We continue to grow with technology using equipment that utilizes new types of computer and electronic controls to make high quality products easier and faster. With the technological advances of today we have the ability to perform such activities as converting CAD drawings directly into code for the manufacturing equipment that produces the finished parts. The progress of technology gives us the flexibility to broaden our designs and become even more creative without having to pay an extreme price. Some machines give us the ability to produce thousands of parts per hour, while others allows us the flexibility to change to a totally different parts every minute.


Our designers pride themselves on having the ability to deliver custom designs that meet your criteria and are cost effective to manufacture. If it is a custom display fixture you are looking for, getting us started can be as easy as submitting a sample of what you wish to display along with a few guidelines, and we will be on our way to designing a display fixture that will suite your needs. If it is a wire hook or bent shape, don’t be afraid to send us a simple hand sketch. You would be surprised how many of our products start off as a miniature sample made from a bent paperclip or coat hanger.

For those projects where a design has been engineered already, but still has some flexibility, forward the engineered samples or drawings to us. With these, we can make suggestions that may result in a more reliable and cost effective product while still meeting the original criteria.